You would like to benefit from all the latest features of the vendor’s software, but your business is stuck with an obsolete version of the platform. You feel that you don’t know how to start, justify the expenses and tackle an upgrade task. A dedicated team of IT professionals is ready to help you with it!

Keeping your platform up-to-date allows for using the newest features, having all-round vendor and community support, and also showing the market, competitors and employees that your company is at the cutting edge of technological progress.
Supporting an obsolete version of a platform is like making a temporary stop in company’s development: the business is not benefiting from simpler and more flexible tools that have already been released in the newer versions of the platform. Thus the work of development’s and support’s teams gets more complicated, which results in end-users’ frustration. When a company has a set of sophisticated custom applications, it can be difficult to support them, not to mention version update.

All this can be avoided, if business builds applications on a current version of the platform in accordance with the latest vendor’s methodological tips and guidelines. In this case, keeping the platform up to date is treated like an ordinary regular task that does not scare the development team and does not take much time.


In order to upgrade the platform to the most current version, we use the established methodology to which we add our unique experience in completing similar projects. The approach consists of four stages: Assess, Update, Implement, Evolve.
We start with conducting a technical review and an audit of the current applications. This step results in forming an upgrade’s plan and implementing the necessary changes.
After that, we prepare the separate environment, move the current applications to that environment and perform an upgrade to the latest platform’s release.
We conduct an analysis, performance check and regression testing. Next, we find critical problems, find solutions and fixes and implement them. Working closely with business representatives, we decide on the application’s quality level for moving it to production environment.
Finally, we update the production environment and continue to work on the gradual adaptation of new functions and capabilities of the platform’s current version in our application.
Our team has an experience of upgrading major-versions of Pega/Camunda — Pega platform from 6 to 7 and from 7 to 8, plus an experience of minor-version upgrades within versions 6, 7 and 8
We understand a set of tasks that have to be completed for successful update and how they should be executed
It is also important that we are fully aware of the possible problems that we can face and how to tackle them without a need for extra resources
We look forward to teaching your specialists and share our unique experience and expertise
Leading Bank in MENA Region

The client is leader in the Islamic banking segment in the Middle East and offers a full range of services for businesses and individuals. The bank had already used the Pega platform to automate processes, but its current version did not fully cover all the goals that the bank had set for itself, and an update from Pega 7.4 to Pega 8.5 was required.

Our team completed the current system’s audit in 6 weeks, prepared a work plan for updating the platform, carried out the necessary refinement and updated of the platform, stabilizing the operation of applications.

The platform upgrade streamlined the overall operation of the system, making all technological capabilities available and laying the foundation for the further development of the project.
Arbitration Court

The client was in need of an optimising the automated arbitration system: the claims were filed manually, there was a lack of up-to-date information about them and the whole process was non-transperent.

As a part of the big project, the upgrade of the system was performed, which made it possible to reduce the time of accepting claims by 30-50% and the time for consideration of claims was reduced by 20%.
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