Case Study

Universal Banking for

one of the largest banks in Kuwait


Our client is a leader in the Islamic banking segment in the Middle East. The Bank offers a full range of services for businesses and individuals.

As part of the digital transformation program, the Bank planned the implementation of a large-scale Universal Banking project, which is designed to significantly improve the approach to customer service.


Operating in the traditional mode, the bank was unable to provide the high-quality services:

Employees were forced to work in an inconvenient outdated business application that functioned only on desktops
Visitors had to wait for service at stationary computers

1st phase

The platform’s update

It took our team 6 weeks to run an audit of the existing system, prepare a work plan for updating the platform, and cary out the necessary changes, stabilizing the operation of all applications. The platform upgrade optimized the system’s operation, and laid the foundation for the further development of the project.

2nd phase
Developing a business application for mobile customer service

During this phase, an employee portal was created, where the data on all the bank's clients was accumulated, taking into account the history of interactions and the list of submitted applications for services. A distinctive feature of the application became the identification of the client by a QR code. The project was completed in six months.

The main goal of the project was to create a convenient business application for employees to work without being tied to a desktop computer.


  • Improved customer service
    The bank employees significantly improved the level of customer service.
  • Optimized processes
    Processes for issuing prepaid and credit cards were optimized.
  • Fast new card issue
    It became possible to prepare documents and issue a new card the moment the client applied to the bank branch.
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