Sales Automation
  • Help your Sales Team make the right decisions
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Make Customer Data work for you
Your Sales Department of the future is Now. Move from static CRM systems to dynamic AI-based Sales tools.
The system is trained and helps your employees in the decision-making process: predicts customer behavior, personalizes offers, offers the best communication channels, uses adaptive selling techniques.
The system allows to organize an optimal sales process by analyzing the work of your Sales team and offering their development plans, as well as increasing their efficiency.

The convenient portal contains all the necessary information on clients, partners, leads and deals, forecasts, mail and social networks, motivation of each employee.

  • Lead Scoring
    Sales Team receives a tool to assess the Opportunity conversion to the next stage of the sales process and the probability of closing a deal. The system uses adaptive models to predict the probability of converting a Lead to an Opportunity, ranks the most qualified leads and ensures that they get into the work plans of the right Sales people.
  • The Next Best Action
    The system uses adaptive and predictive models, analyzes all customer data and offers Sales team the Next Best Action and the Next Best Offer for each customer. It also analyzes similar cases and suggests appropriate steps for further communication and Lead conversion to Opportunity.
  • Sales Plan
    The process of sales plan implementation is transparent. The system shows whether the manager will fulfill the plan, predicts the achievement of the goals, enabling the sales team to respond quickly and make adjustments to their activities. It also predicts target achievements based on customizable predictors and real-time data.
  • Customer Profile
    A 360-degree customer view consolidates all existing customer insights in one place. The system provides complete information about every customer interaction. The platform synchronizes external sources and data from all systems in real time.
  • Coaching
    Sales department gets its own AI coach which analyzes information on the overall team performance. The system uses AI to monitor the performance of the sales team, tracks progress and suggests steps to achieve the plan. It also predicts manager's success for a certain period and recommends a strategy for the way forward.
  • Omnichannel
    The intelligent system automates the entire sales process, taking into account online and offline channels. The platform integrates with social networks, e-mail and telephony, collecting contact information through a variety of channels.
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