smart automation
with pega
Pega is a low-code platform for creating corporate applications and automating processes
that helps:
  • model comprehensive business processes
  • create user interfaces (supporting both web and mobile clients)
  • integrate with third-party systems
  • implement reporting
  • set up security policies
  • configure organizational structure, business calendars, user profiles

The platform also has many tools to support solution development and quality assurance: tools for developing and debugging business logic and UI, performance monitoring tools, testing tools, devops, etc. Most importantly, all this functionality is available immediately after the platform is deployed, without the need to install additional modules and use customization of any kind. It is a full-featured platform that supports almost all stages and aspects of the life cycle of the implemented solution and IT project.

Atomazing has accumulated 10+ years of working with Pega. Without bragging we are able to solve any technical problems on Pega. We offer our extensive expertise, technical solutions and practices, high-performing well-coordinated teams for any clients’ tasks that arise when implementing solutions based on Pega. You can download our detailed Pega 8.8. Research here.

Why us?
  • Providing development and support of all components on Pega
  • Able to solve challenges,using the best practices of Pega and adding Java skillset when necessary
  • Constantly developing our knowledge in new versions of Pega and internal research (R&D)
  • A strong school for educating our own specialists
  • A wide experience of enterprise projects (more than 50 specialists) for 10 years

  • An ability to implement any integration with external systems
  • Deep engineering expertise (environment setup, sizing calculation)
  • The effective DevOps solution (Ninja) based on best practices
  • The effective Pega + React Solution (Frankin)
  • A strict methodology for developing and implementing projects on Pega
  • Capable of organizing high performance teams

We not only develop, but also advise the client on improving approaches to the implementation of Pega, identify risks, offer optimal solutions. Describe your task - we will offer profitable solutions, we will take a full responsibility for the result.

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