Case Study

Management of Credit Exposure Limits


Our Client is one of the largest banks in Central and Eastern Europe, works with corporate clients including enterprises and financial organizations, and government agencies.

  • 100+ million individual customers
  • 2,9 million corporate clients worldwide
  • 14,000 branch offices across the country

The bank utilized an ERP system (a SAP based application) for storage of all data on limits. The client required a system that would allow limit management options for users through other bank’s internal systems without a direct access to the ERP application.

The implementation of such system would allow to manage credit limits in real time and to decrease operational risks by embedding automated control and providing users with the necessary information to conduct transactions.

Flexible limits setting
Saving system resources
The possibility to create correlations between the limits
Centralized data storage and process standardization

Solution’s functionality

The final solution is a service that manages credit exposure limits with the data stored in an ERP application. The system receives and processes requests from other systems and their users, addresses a SAP Limits module, and returns with the result presented in a way demanded by the user. It also includes full support for the process of conducting transactions working with limits in terms of UI, business logic, integrations:


The solution is based on a BPM approach allowing a step-by-step execution of multiple processes taking into account:

A requesting system's UI features
A process is initiated in a recipient system, thus it follows the rules of an initial system and integrates all the data in a familiar and convenient for a user way
A business role of a user

The system would initiate a business process related to a specific business role in compliance with an access level, seniority or a business function

Operational risks control

The system checks what products can be initiated in a recipient’s system and starts a business process relevant to a certain product accessing a Product catalog for business rules

The crucial requirement of our client was a convenient and user-friendly UI that allows limits’ representation in accordance with a tree-view limit’s structure.

The ‘Limits’ component gathers variables’ values from the SAP application following a tree structure and depicts the key limit’s components in a user’s system UI such as:

  • Amount of a Client’s overall limit broken down into Agreements’ limits
  • Amount of a limit for a Group of Borrowers
  • A set of restrictions for a Client or a Group of Clients
  • Amounts of sublimits for a Client / a Product and a Subproduct
  • Amount of a utilized limit

All necessary parameters as time limits, sets of requirements, utilization predictions are put in place as well.


The limits’ component for Credit Exposure Limits management

  • Simplified loan workflow
    Decreased number and complexity of manual screenings saves time on loan workflow.
  • Access to information
    The detailed information is available including clients, borrowers, industries, and products.
  • Reduced risks
    Operational risks reduction while conducting operations with limits.
  • Easy aggregation
    A convenient tool that helps to aggregate all the information in the form of a limits’ tree.
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