Case Study

Loan Workflow Automation for banks

Our Client is one of the TOP-5 Banks in Eastern Europe. The Bank works with corporate clients and financial organizations, including government agencies and enterprises. The key activities also include fundraising and lending to the population.
Slow customer service
Slow decision-making process restrains the process of new customers engagement
Slow time-to-market

Lagging behind the competitors in terms of new services launch

A high number of manual operations

Increase the time and cost of business-processes, lead to additional errors, downtime and inefficient use of resources within the organization

Disparate IT-systems

Not having a single information space with a unified user interface slows down applications processing and increases the error rate
Lack of transparency and performance management tools
No ways to properly measure and manage the actual process metrics
Paper-based document management
Increases the additional OpEx and poses significant security risks
There is an urgent need to upgrade the existing Microsoft SharePoint solution:
  • The system does not contain the key functionality to reduce labor costs
  • The system is not expandable and can't handle heavy workloads
  • The system cannot be used for loan automation and cannot be integrated with key automated bank systems
To reduce Loan Processing Time for legal entities
To reduce the volume of overdue debt by segment
To increase the productivity of your customer support team and point of sales
To reduce time-to-market (time for new products to enter the market)
To reduce document storage cost and paper document destruction cost

To create a targeted solution, our experts chose Pega Platform 7.3.1., a BPM platform for creating enterprise-class applications and continuous adaptation to business requirements using low-code tools.

September 2017 – March 2018


"Decision of the authorized body" (RUO)

"Decision of the authorized person" (RULE)

First Stage
March 2018 – December 2018


“Preparation of credit and security documentation”

“Collateral Examination”

Second Stage
January 2019 – July 2019


“Loan issuance”

“Loan support services”

Third stage

August 2019 – January 2020


“Loan monitoring”

“Loan closure”

January 2021
The system was put into commercial operation in January 2021.

All processes were performed in the following order: Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, Integration.


  • Electronic document storage system
  • Automated contract registration and cash handling system
  • CRM system for storing customer information and records of customer interactions
  • Remote Banking System (E-banking system)
  • Credit risk management system
  • Notifications module


  • 25%

    Faster decision making

    Reduced Loan Processing Time by

  • 29%

    On-time product launch

    Accelerated time-to-market by

  • 0,25%

    Reduced the risks

    Reduction of overdue loans by

  • 25%

    Increased productivity

    Reduced the time of document and application management by

  • 0,1%

    Reduced the cost of document management

    Reduced document storage and records destruction costs by

Automated document production & generation
Quick search of applications on the key parameters
Employee workload optimization
Regulatory deadlines monitoring
A unified workspace with intuitive and user-friendly interface
Automation of the document control and management processes
Simplification of daily routine operations for working with tabular data
Creating and managing electronic documents in document builder
Notification system (e-mails, chats, subscription to the colleagues’ applications)
Flexible business rules and directories configuration without the need for further releases and improvements
“Tree view” attributes - structured data entry and hierarchical data structure
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