Case Study

Loan Origination optimization for banks

Our Client is one of the TOP-5 Banks in Eastern Europe. It provids various banking products and services to individuals, corporate, and small businesses.
Lengthy loan approval process

The inability to issue money remotely leads to lost profits.

No single set of services and quality at points of sale

The lack of unified technological solutions makes it difficult to control the quality of the service provided in the Bank's loan issuing units.

A large number of manual operations

Manual loan documentation and credit files verification processes lead to an increase in labor and time costs.

Slow time-to-market

The lack of digital banking services for medium and small businesses. Loan is available only at the Bank’s office.

Customer service takes place on different platforms within the same point of sale

It leads to additional labor costs.


Increasing sales of loan products through remote channels

  • Lead generation and customer support
  • The option of submitting applications online
  • Online personal loans based on the customer wishes
Increasing the speed of an end-to-end loan issuance process
  • An intuitive user interface
  • Signing loan documents online
  • Automatic pre-filing of a loan application form
Reducing the cost of the loan process by automating banking operations
  • Automated decision-making
  • Automation of manual operations
  • Electronic document management
  • Automatic notification of the final credit decision



  • Loan processing time
    • Before: 3 days
    • Now: 5 minutes
  • Online banking statistics
    • More than 5500 credits issued
    • Total amount is more than $110 000 000
    • Average issue amount is more than $20 000
  • The growth rate of online banking usage*
    • Number of loans issued: +300%
    • Total amount: +265%

    *Based on statistics from the first year of operation and subsequent

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