fixed price outsourcing
Fixed-price outsourcing model works best when a customer wants IT outsourcing services for projects with a predefined scope of tasks and stable requirements. When the business and functional requirements are specified, but the time and budget are fixed, our team is ready to help.
We offer our customers a dedicated team of engineers that perfectly meet project objectives and customer’s expectations within the allocated time frame.

There are several reasons for a dedicated team involvement in a fixed-price project:
  • Lack of in-house IT resources for the solution of similar tasks
  • Reluctance to use Time and Materials (T&M) Contracts
  • Lack of expertise and knowledge in similar fixed-price projects
  • Tight deadlines and, as a result, the need to complete the project ahead of schedule at any cost
The advantages of having an external team to complete a fixed-price project are undeniable:
  • The project is delivered in time within budget limits and quality.
  • The terms and budget of the project remain unchanged if there are no scope changes.
  • External team regularly reports on the progress and coordinates with a client - it allows to achieve transparency and makes it easy to track the progress.
  • If necessary, an external team provides training for the Client’s employees and shares expertise on support and maintenance of the implemented solutions.
how we do it
Given our extensive experience in executing projects within limited resources, we have our personal approach, which helps us to complete the project tasks successfully and on time. The main idea behind this approach is to involve domain experts, practitioners and potential users of the future solution at the earliest stages of requirements gathering and approval processes to form a common vision, make joint decisions and maximize business involvement.

This approach allows us to build a system focusing on the needs and wants of the future client as well as on the technical features of our solution, selected technologies and our experience of implementing similar projects.
The result is a product designed considering a compromise between business and IT. Such product with a high probability will meet the stated business needs.

From our experience, such approach significantly reduces user resistance prior to a new solution implementation, since Client’s key employees directly influence the final decision and involve their colleagues in the process of collecting feedback. Close collaboration with a client allows us to make the project succeed, achieve key performance indicators and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.
We know how to create a great project development plan, which artifacts to implement at each stage, how to guide your Client through all stages of the software development process and how to successfully put the final product or service into commercial operation
Our team has an extensive experience working with fixed-price automation projects
We are aware of the various challenges, risks and threats that lie in wait for the team while working on the projects of this type, and know how to solve these challenges and mitigate risks
Your project is in safe hands with us!
Loan Workflow Automation

The Client is one of the TOP-5 Banks in Eastern Europe. The Bank works with all categories of clients – large, medium and small businesses, individual entrepreneurs, self-employed and individuals.
The existing system didn’t fully cover all the Client’s goals - it couldn’t be used for loan automation and couldn’t be integrated with the key automated bank systems. To create a Loan Workflow Automation solution, our experts chose Pega Platform 7.3.1., which allowed the Bank to increase the productivity of the customer support team and point of sales, reduce time-to-market and document storage cost, as well as reduce Loan Processing Time for legal entities.
Legal Department Automation

The Client is one of the largest banks and leading financial institutions in Eastern Europe. The Bank faced several challenges including: appeals to the Legal Service were not structured and difficult to track; high resource allocation costs; no real-time legal requests tracking etc.
Our team automated the work of Legal Department which allowed the Bank to implement a single unified legal system; optimize the document flow; reduce the time of legal requests formation and execution etc.
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