Your company has a team of Pega developers, but it seems that they can’t boast high performance? The knowledge base is growing slowly, and you feel like business opportunities are missing? Help your developers’ team with a practical course and push their skills to the next level

Atomazing provides Pega courses for entire organizations and teams of all experience levels. It is not just a theory, there is a balance of theoretical information and practical insights on how to work with Pega most effectively and bring value to your customers. Our training is unique from the traditional courses as we timely adapt our program for our clients’ needs (e.g., growth potential assessment, preparing for certification etc.), getting your current Pega developers a better understanding and practical dive-in on all the platform’s pitfalls.


When you start working with Pega platform, you quickly see that the range of Pega products and their sophistication is next to none. Without proper guidance and support, your development team may be overwhelmed by the platform’s capabilities. Our clients usually report the following challenges:
  • “We don’t know how to work with Pega and achieve profit”
  • “Our teams don’t show productiveness, but we don’t want to release them”
  • “Our analysts/ product owners don’t understand Pega logic”
  • “We can’t work with complicated things/frameworks on Pega”
  • “Our employees’ expertise doesn’t seem to grow”
  • “Our developers have insufficient practical knowledge after the completion of general Pega course”

Our educational courses are created with all these problems in mind, we break illusions on apparent simplicity of low-code and teach how to extract significant benefits from working with it. We guarantee that in 2,5 weeks your developers will be able to build business processes on Pega.


  • Pega junior developers
  • Non-Pega developers
  • IT managers, project managers
  • System analysts
  • Product owners
  • Java developers
  • Business analysts


At the start of our course, we make an assessment of each participant’s hard skills and then prepare an individual set of tasks and learning materials based on employee’s current knowledge. Every 3 days 1-to-1 meetings are held with an aim to discuss the current success of participants, if necessary, additional recommendations or materials are given. There is 1 full-time coach for a group of 4-5 learners. Our coaches are certified and experienced Pega developers who integrate their real development experience into education.
At the end of the program, the participants are given practical tasks – building a part of a business process on Pega (e.g., building screen forms, creating a report, building SLA, working with data inside the system etc.). The test is aimed to control the gathered knowledge. All evaluation takes 2-3 days, the client receives impartial feedback on each employee’s progress + recommendations on their development plans.
There is also another practice when we pair the clients’ employees with our Pega Certified Senior System Architects for ongoing support and helping with complex situations during a project. This way your team members are getting “learning in the field” experience and turning the gained knowledge into actions.
Due to module and individual performance-based structure, our training system can be flexible in timing and effective for the growth of employee’s expertise (it takes 3 to 6 months to become a middle level developer after completing our program). Our strong point is our 10+ expertise: we know how Pega works, and we are not trying to promise impossible results; on the contrary, very clear expectations are formed from the beginning.


"In addition to reviewing and learning the typical processes on Pega, the course helped our developers to completely form a picture of how the entire set of frameworks is interconnected in a real project life. The course has a balanced schedule of both explanation and hands-on. All the advanced Pega features are explained in an easily accessible form.”
“I’d recommend the course to everyone who is interested in projects in Pega, but it is not clear how to approach them. In a concise but very rich form, the participants together with the trainer build a working application layer by layer.”
The demand for experienced Pega professionals is growing every day. The platform changes quickly, new versions appear very often, so the need for obtaining new skills and knowledge is enourmous. Are you ready to take your team to the next level?
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