Due Diligence
Due Diligence is a comprehensive solution for maintaining a database of contractors and automating the process of their verification. It significatly increases the speed of making decisions, combining the processes of collecting, organizing and analyzing data. The solution is cost-effective and risk-free especially when it comes to risks that can lead to lost revenue, reputational damage and regulatory penalties.
Due Diligence Process
Creating a Vendor’s Card
  • Quick manual/automatic data filling
  • Definition of unreliability indicators
Verification Process Launch
  • Creation of a verification case
  • Manual/automatic completion of additional information before the verification procedure
Vendor’s Verification by Internal Services
  • Assigning a task to a personal queue/task basket
  • Task assignment notification
  • SLA for the task
  • Filling out the questionnaire
  • Making the final decision on the vendor
Final Status and Scoring of a Vendor
  • Automatic determination of the final status of the vendor based on the results of the check
  • Automatic calculation of the vendor’s score based on customizable rules
Introducing Results of Verification
  • Displaying consolidated results of checking the vendor
Change Analysis in a Vendor’s Card
  • Vendor’s data monitoring
  • Automatic change recognition
  • Automatic update of the vendor’s card
  • Notification of changes
  • Assigning a task for change analysis
Increasing the speed of making conclusions on vendors through intelligent automation, combining the processes of collecting, organizing and analyzing data
As a result - reduction of Time-to-Market (TTM)

Cost savings for departments involved in the company's profit-generating business processes by reducing labor costs for processing automated operations

Reducing the company's operational risks, as well as reducing the risks that can lead to loss of income, deterioration of reputation and penalties from regulatory authorities
Formation of a centralized source of data on the verification of counterparties
Transparent control over key indicators
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