Case Study: Document Processing Platform
A fully automated system for a global telecom provider in just 3 months within $100K budget
Our client is the largest global telecom operator and IT services integrator. Eastern European division operates throughout the country and provides telecom services
to legal entities, supporting businesses and government organizations in all aspects of digital transformation.
The specifics of the Client's business requires the creation and approval of numerous technical documentation used in Sales and Customer Service, as well as in the course of the Client's internal activities.

Inefficient Process of Technical Documentation Approval:

the process takes a lot of time and relies on outdated technologies

Longer Document Review and Approval Cycles:

reduction in the speed of customer service

Large Number of Manual Operations:

the active participation of all stakeholders is required, as well as the presence of a dedicated process coordinator.

Lotus Notes System:

the current solution has lost its
relevance and does not meet
modern requirements for

Lack of Proccess Transparency:

inability to promptly track KPIs and generate reports

No common rules to establish accountability:

high entry threshold for new employees, the need to know all the approvers “in person”
The main goal of the project for the Client was to create a single solution for automating all aspects of the technical documentation approval process.
To form clear requirements for the target solution
  • Conduct an audit of the existing solution
  • Form a target vision of the process and the main approaches to its optimization
  • Form business and technical requirements
  • Plan the technical implementation of the solution
To develop and implement a target solution that will allow
  • Standardize the approval process of various types of documents
  • Speed-up the documentation approval process
  • Ensure transparrent KPIs and operative records
  • Simplify the process and lower the entry threshold for new employees
  • Create a unified workspace for all participants of the process and a unified document storage
As a result, the company received a modern, flexible and fully automated system for approving more than 20 types of documents.


  • Increased level of customer satisfaction thanks to reduced errors and faster processing
  • Reduced average time for document approval, fewer corrections are made to the documents
  • Easier onboarding process for new employees
  • Automated document routing and approval
  • Unified document storage for all employees
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