Case Study

Claim CRM

Our Client is the largest private bank in Eastern Europe that has been leading in all banking segments for over 30 years. Its customer base amounts to more than 1 million corporate clients and 22 million private clients.
Claim Processing Issues

No means of automatic control for claims resolution

Problems with system accessibility, responsiveness, and performance

No automatic task routing, tasks assigned by a manager

No end-to-end task queue, no pipeline mode of claim processing with automatic prioritization

Reimbursement approval process is carried out through the Accounting outside of the system and is difficult to monitor

Data duplication for different back-office systems, and as a result, inconvenient manual search against several archive databases


Claims Processing Automation: Development of an Omnichannel Claim Processing Automation System

Establishing an effective automated claim processing mechanism

Increasing client loyalty thanks to to reduced claim processing time

Replacing current solutions based on Lotus Domino and MS Access platforms

Improving employee efficiency thanks to back-office systems integrations as part of a single workspace


The solution has been in operation since 2016.

It is a single entry point for all claims from corporate and private customers and also for both clients and non-clients.

Built an MVP for the multiple claim types received via a single channel

Expanded solution feature set, added new service channels and new claim types, performed integrations with back-office systems

Removed obsolete systems from service, and added new claim types. Enhanced automation level, added new integrations



  • Built a single omnichannel automated client and non-client claim processing mechanism

  • Improved employee productivity and efficiency thanks to back-office systems integrated into a single workspace

  • Increased client loyalty due to reduced claim processing time

  • Obsolete solutions based on Lotus Domino and MS Access platforms were removed of service

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