Camunda Platform is the #1 ranked solution in Business Process Design tools, #1 ranked solution in BPM Software, and #2 ranked solution in top Process Automation tools.
The platform provides tools for designing workflows, creating business rules, process execution and monitoring as well as options for processes optimization.
Camunda enables robust DB support, has various options to distribute processing across a cluster of machines to deliver high throughput, and possesses flexibility with a choice of programming languages – all these features are extremely important for banks that are scaling up their business in response to market demand.

Our team has been successfully implementing Camunda-based projects for the largest European banks since 2019.


Building the banking solutions’ architecture. Building a microservice architecture and orchestration to ensure the consistent state of data and processes. Building an omnichannel architecture that allows you to expand and add new channels, taking into account their specifics.
Design (modeling)
Designing complex, end-to-end business processes. Our experience in process decomposition and business context allows us to keep processes readable and ready for changes.
Migrating data from external systems whilst keeping data in a consistent state.
Integrating systems of different classes using various integration technologies.
Own developments
We have developed tools and frameworks for data and process migration tasks, testing approaches, plugins that simplify development, and much more.

We not only develop, but also advise the client on improving approaches to the implementation of Camunda, identify risks, offer optimal solutions. Describe your task - we will offer profitable solutions, we will take a full responsibility for the result.

Our Camunda Projects Includes
Digital Transformation Program

TOP 5 Bank in Eastern Europe

More Than 200 Offices

Assets $2,5bn

  • Digital Transformation of the Bank
  • Building an Ecosystem
  • Use of Open Technologies Based on the Principles of Microservice Architecture
  • Reducing Dependence on "Vendor" Solutions
  • Use of Agile Methodologies and Best Engineering Practices

  • Express Loans
  • Credit Decision Constructor
  • Mortgage
  • Older Generation
  • Retail and E-commerce
  • Customer Credit
  • Credit Cards and Overdraft
  • Public Services
  • Insurance
  • Omnichannel Platform (EDS)
  • Payments
  • Non-Banking Services
  • Digital Documentary Business
  • Monitoring
  • End-to-End Business Components
  • Partner Services
  • Services for Outside Branches
Banking Support for Shared-Equity Construction

Financial Institute for Housing Development
140 Branches 27 Regions
More Than 15 Years on the Market

  • Provided Design of the System and Interface Prototyping
  • Infrastructure Deployment
  • Our Team Created a Real Estate Developer’s and a Bank Employee’s Portals
  • The System was Deployed on a Productive Infrastructure


  • Implemented the ability to apply for project financing from the personal account of a real estate developer
  • The first working version of the personal account for a real estate developer and a bank employee was created after 6 months
  • 8 business processes were automated
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