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Meet our experts in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on September 25 - October 9

Meet our Partner, VP of Digital Transformation and CTO of Atomazing in Riyadh from Sep, 25th to Oct, 9th.

We consider partnering with either companies or individual consultants. We are ready to discuss the conditions during our meeting. As for the development plans in the region - we are considering cooperation with the top Arabian banks.

So far we have implemented one of the project for the Kuwait bank and got into the Riyadh Bank’s procurement list. Also, we’ve done thorough analytical research around the region and conducted more than 60 CustDev interviews with KSA banking representatives. As a result, we have a clear vision of the top priorities for the top-KSA banks: SMB lending, open banking, mortgage progression.

We hope to bring value to the Arabian sector that includes best practices and the achievements of a mature Russian (Eastern European) banking – complete digital services, pre-approved loans, and modern architectural approaches.
Reach out to Igor Ermachenkov and Alex Lutay on LinkedIn or send them an e-mail to and