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Pega CLM & KYC Frameworks Webinar

It is no surprise to anyone: financial services firms have to manage the constant stream of a composite regulatory environment, fragmented policy frameworks, new requirements every other day. Moreover, a complete and reliable information about customers needs to be provided on a short notice, but there is a lack of an integrated overview of a client across all business segments and lots of manual paperwork. As a result, you have the perfect storm, exposing firms to fines and progressive cost of compliance, which impacts their cost-income-ratio, and hinders their business profitability. So, how to navigate all these streams of regulatory compliance and transform it to a competitive advantage? How to distinguish genuine documents from the forged ones?

In this webinar, we will share practical advice how to integrate the market leading Pega CLM and KYC framework in your organization’s operations and remove front-to-back inefficiencies, while increasing risk management effectiveness.

The following CLM/KYC topics will be discussed:

  • Pega CLM/KYC solution overview. What happens during the onboarding process, which integrations are affected. Client review and offboarding, as well as work with clients’ questionnaires.

  • Data migration in CLM/KYC. Any bank has customer data that needs to be checked for risks. How to put it in the new system without impacting the existing operations? We will share a real case study of how we did it in a large bank and prove to you that you face no risk at all when implementing CLM/KYC solutions.

  • Accelerate onboarding from multiple days to 2 minutes. Clients’ requirements and results from real banking cases.

Our speakers:

Yaroslav Vdovin, Lead Pega Architect, Pegaservices

With 10+ years in the IT industry, Vdovin has experience in managing complex Pega projects, building qualitative and secure solutions for the financial industry and top 5 banks in the Eastern Europe, overseeing agile adoption, and running a corporate Pega educational program.

Sergey Kiselev, Lead System Architect, Pegaservices

Kiselev became a Pega Certified Lead System Architect in 2020 and has 8+ years of experience in the IT industry. He successfully manages large and complex Pega projects, builds, develops and maintains solutions for the banks from the Eastern and Western Europe, and researches Pega frameworks and Platform latest versions.

Igor Rukhtin, Head of Intelligent Automation, Pegaservices


Sergey Rabotai, Growth Advisor & Consultant, Business Transformation Lead, Pegaservices

Rabotai has 20+ years of working in IT industry experience. He has helped many IT businesses identify their points of growth, build and mentor successful sales teams/operations, as well as establish and grow partnership with customers and prospects in the industry.